"A life worth living is one that is always learning, expanding, accepting , and becoming by stretching your dreams."

~Dan Sachkowsky


I had little success in the home business industry and was really looking for a real business but also a successful person that could show me how to get over the hump. I searched for a mentor and found Dan. After we spoke on the phone I felt that he was the right person to partner with. In my first 10 months working with Dan my wife and I finally made the kind of money that I always heard was available. We had a few months that were close to $20,000.00 in income. Dan is a leader and a man that gets things done! Very organized and driven. I know for a fact that without his help we would not have been nearly as successful in our first year. Now we get to pay that forward and help others to have the same or better success than we are having!

Ron Urban (PA)

Since 2008 Dan Sachkowsky has been the most influential business mentor in my life. As an Assistant Vice President with Bank of America, competition was fierce, both from within the company ranks and from outside investment bankers who were all competing for the same clientele. The success I experienced is directly attributed to the core principles of Persistence, Consistency and Influence that Dan lives by and installs within those he coaches. He preaches the same consistent successful actions daily that compound over time into larger success. He will hold you accountable to your goals and not allow you to quit, and will make you be persistent and never give up. And he teaches how to connect with others in a genuine and authentic manner, thus lowering your prospects guard and allowing yourself the opportunity to communicate real value to your client. Till this day I keep in contact with Dan, and forever am grateful and humbled to call him my mentor.

Jordan Siegel (NJ)

I always say that although Dan Sachkowsky is 20 years younger than me, his wisdom & intelligence seems to be that of a much older person. The success Dan had achieved, having coming from a very humble background, is absolutely amazing but what he gives back to the world is what makes him so special. Dan has been my mentor since April of 2010. He has changed my life forever! I was raised to go to college for Fine Arts, be well rounded & get married!! When I saw that wasn’t working after the second attempt I decided I need a career and went to Real Estate school at age 42, 8 years ago! After the first year of being mentored by Dan I literally doubled my sales. he taught me that the secret to success was to be constantly persistent and that motivation is something we need to “put on” every single day for it wears off. I now listen to motivational cd’s and can’t get enough of it. Dan taught me the importance of valuing my free time and doing something that will benefit me and that the things you should be doing are easy to say no to and the activities I should not be doing are easy to say yes to. That is so true, it is easy to blow off the gym but results do you get? It is easy to say yes and go to happy hour but what are the consequences? Dan also has taught me that you have to schedule action or nothing happens for your business. The time I have spent with Dan has been invaluable to me, no one ever made me see the world so differently but above all he gave me the confidence to know I can do this all on my own, which is something I never even dreamed about! Being a single Mom of 4 sons, that is very important for me to know. I feel so fortunate to have Dan as a mentor, to have spent so much time with him. To be able to see his accomplishments, the way he gives back to the community, the difference he has made for so many and the love & dedication he has for his beautiful family has been a true blessing for me. He will not only always be my mentor but a life long friend!

Laurel Turchin (NJ)

Forever a Dan Fan!

I’d have to say that Dan Sachkowsky is one of the brightest, elite, and knowledgeable entrepreneur I have ever met. And he has the income to show it. Dan has been an influential person in my life for so many years. He has a heart that keeps giving and is always on top of you making sure you do the very best, and be the very best person you can possibly be. He loves helping people improve their lifestyle and their mindset into a more positive atmosphere. I’ve known Dan for 19 years now and he has helped me achieve a lot of goals in my life. He has taught me how to think about money, how to act in business, and how to be the best business man out there. I’m now in my second year of real estate, and I owe a bunch of my success to Dan. He has always given me business advice on how to make a sale, and how to invest. I’m so thankful on what he has taught me, and I look forward to having a financially well life.

Philip Antunes (NY)

Dan has been a personal mentor for me for quite some time now, allowing me to break through many mental barriers that have assisted me in many aspects of life. He has assisted me in having a mental toughness always suggesting personal development tips as well as books that will bring me to the next level. Dan leads by example, showing the way in which you should work. His organization skills are a honed tool, certainly a skill I still admire and continue to attempt to reach. Dan is able to establish leaders, evaluate their circumstance and optimize a plan to reap the best result. I have had the privilege of traveling with Dan on many appointments, some with multiple6/7 figure earners. It still amazes me how well of a name he has established for himself, all successful 6/7 figure earners all want to sit with Dan and pick his brain.

Emilio Aponte (NJ)

"When your self-worth goes up based on your commitment to never stop growing and learning , your net worth goes up with it."

~Dan Sachkowsky