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The Power of “I Will”

    What do you say when you see a goal you want to reach? “I hope to get there?” “I’d like too but…” “I wish I could do that.” The only words that should come out of your mouth when you want to reach a goal are “I will.” Those are two simple words that take less than a second to say but will change your life. “I WILL get that someday!” “I WILL learn to play guitar.” “I WILL make my startup become a success.” I’ve been helping people reach their goals for years and coaching them to success. You can tell right away how driven and successful someone is by their language. No one that is going to be huge says “maybe,” they say “will.” If there is one thing I have learned, it is that saying “I will” is the first step to success. Words have power and here is why those two are so powerful together.

    Confidence Boost

    When was the last time you said “I will” about something? Get into the habit of saying those words often for an incredible boost. What am I talking about? The confidence boost that those two words give you obviously. Just by simply changing your everyday vocabulary can you change your mindset and attitude. Studies have shown that simple changes to how you speak daily can improve self-esteem and confidence. When you say “I will,” you are giving yourself a confidence boost. Having other people believing in you is great, but hearing yourself have faith in you changes your life. Why is this important to reaching your goals? Because you need to believe in yourself. You can never become a success if you are always second-guessing and doubting yourself. It will give you a confidence boost that it promises will help you on the path to your dreams.

    Makes Things Happen

    How many times have you or someone you’ve known said “I’d like to” and then nothing comes of it? “I’d like to learn Spanish, but never did.” “I’d like to become an expert dolphin trainer but never got off the ground.” When you say “I will,” you are talking about making it happen. When you say “I will” and put real intention behind it, you will make things happen. You can wish and dream all day of reaching your goal but unless you do something about it, nothing will happen. Just as I was saying in the previous point, “I will” gives you confidence which helps you get a boost to make moves. These words aren’t just an emotional boost, they will get you off the couch and moving.

    Helps You Overcome failure

    No matter how good your plan is, eventually you will run into failure. It can be something as simple as missing a chance to make a great move or as major as crashing and burning. No matter how major the failure is “I will” lets you overcome it. Those words help you get back up and keep moving. “Sure, I took a hit but I will be okay and keep moving forward.” Sounds amazing right? Sometimes you need to give yourself that push to shake off a major hit and keep moving.

    Shows Others You Are Serious

    You can’t make moves alone, you need people to help you along the way. Whether it’s investors, potential partners, or a small group of employees they need to know you are serious. “I will” has a certain power to it that inspires others. Best of all, once you have a close relationship with them you can move onto “we will.” A simple change but one that will have a major impact on morale and confidence in you. No one wants to work with or invest with someone who is half-heartedly chasing a goal or unsure they can do it. People want to hear confidence and assurance, which is what they will get out of you saying those two words to them.

    Stop saying “I wish” or “I can’t” and begin saying “I will.” Words have power and those two combined are some of the strongest in the English language. Actually, they are the strongest combination no matter what the language is. Sometimes it’s not what your words mean but how you say them. Begin saying “I will” and change your life. I promise you that it will be the greatest change you ever make and lead to greater moves and amazing success. If you need help getting to your dreams, contact me right away. I will help you make the moves you need to and will take your hustle to the next level. I’ve helped countless people achieve greatness and can with you too. Let’s reach the top together because I know that we WILL do it. To learn more about me or becoming successful, read my blog.