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How to Motivate your Child for School

    With summer coming to an end it can only mean one thing, back to school for the kids. Whether they are amped to get on the bus in September or are going to have to be dragged on kicking and screaming, it’s inevitable that your children will have to head back into the classroom come to the end of Labor Day Weekend. Here are some tips to help get your child to want to jump back behind their desk and ace all of their classes.

    See friends

    How many of your children’s friends from school did they see during the summer? Not many aside from their closest ones most likely. So why not get them a little more motivated to go back to school by mentioning a reunion with their friends? Is there anything more fun then reuniting with your friends after a long and exciting summer vacation? Also, a new school year is a new opportunity to make brand new friends and create relationships that will last a lifetime. As it has been said, your network is your net worth, so spread the wealth with your child and get them pumped for homeroom.

    Talk about school

    It’s important to ask your kids about school. It shows them that not only do you value education but that you care about their lives. Asking them once a day how school was will help your child learn to open up to you and also reinforce that education is important. Whether your kid tells you how much they loved their day at school or that they just want it to be summer again, asking them about school is important! For those children that wish summer never ended, mention how much fun learning can be. A great book truly can take anyone on a journey, so inspire them to crack one open.

    Ask about their goals

    Ask your kids what they want to get out of this school year. What are their goals? What are they nervous about? What would make them want to succeed this year? These questions can help you discover the best path to take your child on for their schooling this year and help them succeed. With the knowledge of your child’s exact goals, you can take steps to make sure this school year is a smooth and successful one. You can even help your child create a plan that will not only meet their goals but will actually exceed their expectations. Fuel your child’s fire and inspire them to break records.

    Goals are everything

    Let your child know exactly what goals you have in mind for the school year. Whether it’s a goal they have set themselves or one you want them to achieve, make it clear as day what it is. Go the extra step and show them how to achieve it as well to make it that much more attainable for the children. The thrill of success will give your children everything they need from reaching it and hopefully instill a strong drive for success in them.

    New Teacher, no problem

    Did you child suffer through a year with a teacher they couldn’t stand? Whether it was just a matter of not clicking or any number of other reasons, your child just didn’t want to be in school a minute longer than they needed to be. Have them know that they’ll get a whole new teacher this year. Much like the new class, this new teacher could end up being your kids favorite. Perhaps they will even be one of those rare teachers that has a major impact on the direction of your child’s life. Get them excited to meet their new teach! Keep in mind, there’s nothing wrong with being a teacher’s pet, especially when your child is bringing home A’s and can have an insanely positive future.

    With all of these new opportunities and things to look forward to, why wouldn’t your child be excited for school to start up again? Sports, new kids, new teachers, new starts, and old friends will get any kid excited to hop on the bus the first chance they get in September. You can totally match their enthusiasm for the newest school year, so get ready and inspire.

    Let class begin, fam!