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How to Make the Most of Your Time

    The single most valuable asset you have in life is time, which is why it is so important that you make the most of it. Successful people are masters at managing their schedules. Stephen Covey, a successful businessman, once said, “The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule but to schedule your priorities.” No matter how difficult the task, it just takes time. I’ve been thinking about how people spend their time lately and realize that many people don’t manage theirs properly. Here are some of the best ways I make the most out of my time

    Make a to-do list

    It sounds simple, but making a to-do list is a proven way to use your time efficiently. It will help you set priorities, making time for what has to be done and keeping you on schedule. The benefits of a to-do list are quite high. This list will help you hold yourself accountable for whatever tasks you place on it. It also allows you to reshuffle and organize tasks as needed. If your big meeting gets bumped back to Friday, move something up to take its place on Wednesday so you can invest time in it. A to-do list is a simple, but effective way to hold yourself accountable for how you will spend your time.

    Get Up Early

    One thing successful people have in common is that they get up early. Oprah and Mark Zuckerberg, both incredibly successful people, have praised the benefits of being an early riser and for good reason. Waking up early has been directly linked to improving concentration and significantly boosts productivity. There is even an argument that the most productive hour to do work is 4 AM due to fewer distractions at that hour. It also leaves you more time to exercise, something most successful people do regularly. If you want to be successful, rise with the sun.

    Know Your Priorities

    Time is the most valuable asset you have, so make sure that what you are putting your time into is important. Knowing your priorities will allow you to properly manage your tasks, and give you the ability to focus your time where it is needed most. What is more important – preparing for the big presentation with the boss at the end of the week or making sure that you can leave the second the day ends? Know your priorities and you will know what will lead to success.

    Focus On Single-Tasking

    Don’t even think about your next task, only focus on what you are doing now. Single-tasking is one of the most important skills you need to master for success. Multi-tasking may seem like a good idea, but studies have shown that it’s more difficult to get work done through that method. Drop multi-tasking and pick up single-tasking. Once you begin a task, give it 100% of your focus, to ensure that you complete it to the best of your ability.

    A Proper Nightly Routine

    Why wait until the next day to get prepared? Having a proper nightly routine can be as important to your success as what you do in the morning. Mentally preparing yourself for the next day and its challenges is one of the best ways to use your time in the evening.

    Unplugging from all electronics, meditating, and some light exercise are all habits successful people use in order to prepare themselves for the next day. Don’t think that just because you are home for the night that your time is any less valuable; use it to be ready for tomorrow.

    Your time is valuable, which is why you should use it wisely. Mastering single-tasking and to-do lists along with a properly nightly routine, waking up early, and knowing your priorities are the keys to time management. Success can be yours if you master your time. If you are in need of more tips for success or need someone to help you find it, contact me. You can also check out my blog for more tips. I promise that together, you will be able to reach the success that you are craving.